Anglian Wolf Society

“The wolf exerts a powerful influence on the human imagination. It takes your stare and turns it right back on you”
Barry Lopez, Of Wolves and Men

image of Wolf staring

There are powerful places to connect with nature wherever you live.  This morning, in an unremarkable corner of an unremarkable field by a busy highway in the very centre of England, I met with the gently determined folk of the Anglian Wolf Society and spent a very enjoyable spring morning chatting, learning and sharing anecdotes . . . all the while distracted / hypnotised by the close presence of four of these compelling animals.  And that ‘stare’. That stare that exerts such a powerful grasp on our imaginations.  People sudddenly want to explain the feelings that come over them when confronted by that stare: awe, respect, hostility, fear, excitement, spirituality, hatred, love, curiosity . . . the list goes on.  It seems to me that, whenever we return that stare, we ourselves create our own Wolves.


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