North Norfolk – Wild Soul Wake-up

Image of beach campfire
Dates: Fri 24-Sun 26 June 2011
& Fri 2-Sun 4 September 2011
Cost: £650 per person (book now and pay just £550!)

This summer take the first steps to setting your Wild Soul free!

Image of seals

On this escape, taste the possibilities that life has to offer. Take the chance to step out of your ‘civilised’ life and give yourself space to breathe in a wild place – because there you glimpse what it is to be truly human.

Image of beach campfire

Of course on our crowded island it can be hard to escape the frantic pace of life, the TV, the traffic, the noise, and your mobile phone ever-poking you. North Norfolk is the antidote on your doorstep – sleepy and forgotten, but fizzing with a deep nurturing energy. This is the place where wide open skies and sweeping sands allow you to stretch your horizons and remake that thrilling spiritual connection with Nature – instinctive to us when we were kids – and feel alive again!

Image of Holkam beach

Here in North Norfolk you will experience some of my favourite enounters with nature: wild birds dancing in vast skies; Seals basking poised between the twin worlds of sand and sea; wild flower meadows lulled by birdsong; beach camp fires under the stars; and shared silence in the wilderness. It’s a delight and here, in the stillness of nature, I can help you to listen to your inner voice and to see your bright soul.

There’s a dazzling world to explore and journeys to take – outer and inner.  Rediscover your wild soul alongside someone who knows what it is to track bears, howl with wolves, and look into the eye of a whale. Be amazed by our natural world and reconnect with yourself in the great ‘out there’.

image of Norfolk barn and oxeye daisy

Norfolk barn and oxeye daisy

For this ‘first steps’ experience we will be staying somewhere very special at a simply beautiful converted barn in tranquil fields and trees just a short way from the coast. It’s a place I know and love – and I know you will love it too. Plus  I will be inviting special friends of mine – uniquely gifted holistic therapists and huge fun – to help us laugh, explore and learn. All you need to do is join me there.

Now is the time to liberate your true greatness.  Re-juice your heart and mind, health and soul, and let me show you how to belong to our one wild World.

A wild soul is sat in the heart of your life . . . and it’s time you asked it to dance!

Image of Ian about to depart

Image of girls on beach