Dances with Wolves

Image of wolf head
Date: Fri 30 September – Sun 2 October 2011
Cost: £550

This autumn join me for an experience that will liberate your wild soul!

This may not be for everyone – some people may feel that to howl with Wolves is to lose a little of your sanity (do you really want to tell your friends what you’re up to?!). But think though – what better way can you imagine to reconnect with nature, and stir something powerful – and animal – in your soul? You may never look at the world, and yourself, in the same way again. You may feel ‘called’ by something inexplicable.

image of Wolf staring

Wolves hold a special place in the heart of us humans, perhaps because they are so like us and we, so like them. Many native American cultures revere the Wolf – Wolf voyages out into the world, learning, exploring and bringing wisdom and medicine back to the tribe.

When you  look into the eyes of a Wolf there is a charge of energy – a spine-tingling charge – and one that connects us to a part of ourselves we seem to have lost. A Wolf is an animal that is alert, powerful, and perhaps a little dangerous. Using senses we ourselves once possessed, a Wolf ‘sees’ you, and there’s no avoiding that gaze, and to look into it’s eyes is to make a bond with something . . . wild.

Image of howling Wolf, Yellowstone

I have tracked and watched wild Wolves over many years: in Yellowstone; Canada; Spain; Israel; and Poland. Now I call you to join me in the deep dark forests of the Welsh borderland where there’s a place where you can howl with Wolves. At night the experience is really something! In the daytime, we will greet this small pack of aclimatised animals and, with the help of the conservation enthusiasts who are doing so much to change people’s attitudes about these animals, learn about them.

Learning about them is special, but at the same time I will show you how to learn much about yourself, and to learn about your place in this wild world.

image of girl and wolf

Image of Wolf

We stay in a beautiful small hotel, away from the rush of the modern world in the tranquil Welsh borders – all you need to do is join me there.

Image of Ian about to depart