Events & Retreats

When was the last time you had an adventure? And had the courage to stretch your horizons? There’s a wild world out there waiting and it’s time for you to be a Wild Soul in it!

On my events and retreats you can allow yourself to feel how you would love to feel . . . for every day from now on. Rediscover that we are all wild souls deep down, and that it’s time to set yourself free.

North Norfolk – Wild Soul Wake-up

Image of beach footsteps

June & July 2011 – The widest skies, the longest beaches, the wildest birds & seals . . . the biggest space for you to take steps to the wilder life you deserve. At beautiful barns near the coast, it’s time to wake-up your wild soul

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Scotland – Mountains, Dolphins & Wild Soul

Image of Cairngorms

On this retreat, every day you will lift your life above ordinary! Here in beautiful remote barns – my spiritual home – amidst the silence of the Cairngorm mountains and the dolphins of the shore, reconnect with Wild Soul like nowhere else

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Dances with Wolves

Image of Wolf head

In the deep dark forests of the Welsh borderland there’s a place where you can howl with Wolves – at night the experience is really something! In the daytime, greet this small pack of acclimatised animals and learn so much about them, yourself, and our place in this wild world

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