“Tranquility” map for the UK

image of Norfolk barn and oxeye daisy

Norfolk barn and oxeye daisy

The Campaign to Protect Rural England commissioned a survey to establish which are the qualities people value most in the English countryside – and nearly three-quarters (72%) said that tranquillity topped the list.

CPRE commissioned researchers to create a highly detailed national tranquillity map based on a new measurement approach. This map makes it possible to assess the likelihood of finding tranquillity, in any given locality. The tranquillity of the English countryside is one of its most important qualities.

Tranquillity is important for our mental and physical well-being. It improves our quality of life. It is also a critical to rural economies – because it’s one of the main reasons why people head out of towns and cities to ‘get away from it all’.

But getting away from it all is becoming harder and harder to do. Aircraft, cars, roads and building developments are all eroding the tranquillity that means so much to all of us.

Until recently, we had no way to measure ‘tranquillity’ and partly because we haven’t known how to measure it, and it’s that much harder to make the arguments for protecting it.  CPRE have been mapping the levels of tranquillity in different areas, to show how tranquillity has declined across England.

If you live in England, find out where your tranquil places can still be found