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“Tranquility” map for the UK

The Campaign to Protect Rural England commissioned a survey to establish which are the qualities people value most in the English countryside – and nearly three-quarters (72%) said that tranquillity topped the list. CPRE commissioned researchers to create a highly detailed national tranquillity map based on a new measurement approach. This map makes it possible [...]

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Contact with Nature Impacts on Well-Being – Norwegian Institute for Public Health

In Norway they recognise that people have an affinity for nature – ‘Biophilia’. Reda about the science behind the claim

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Healthy nature, healthy people – Australian report

Report show that urban-dwellers appear to intuitively understand the personal health and well-being benefits arising from ‘contact with nature’

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Report shows that Nature is an untapped resource that benefits health

‘The NHS needs to make the most of our wonderful, free natural health service’ Dr Michael Dixon, Chairman, NHS Alliance. Just one conclusion in a report to Hampshire County Council

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‘Last Child in the Woods’ – pioneering book shows nature deficit disorder

Last Child in the Woods is a remarkable book by Richard Louv which shows the science behind the importance of nature in our lives, where research demonstrates the power of getting kids back out into nature – but there’s a powerful message there too for adults

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