About Ian

Image of Ian about to depart

Ian about to depart on another marine-watching adventure

I’m Ian and I show people how to rediscover their Wild Soul! I love what I do and I’m passionate about people, nature, spirit and our wonderful wild world.

  • On stage and in the media I talk to thousands of people about what I do
  • I have taken people to every wild corner of the Earth
  • I possess a deep knowledge of wildlife, dolphins, wolves  & wilderness
  • I know how to inspire people to take exciting steps
  • Creative and focussed, people say I am a ‘bright spark’!

Movies, music, malbec, even my mobile phone… I enjoy them all but I also know that a thrilling spiritual connection with Nature makes us feel alive! I believe that the natural world could switch your senses back on too.

Do you sometimes feel that there has to be more to life?

You’re going through the motions, day in day out?

Feeling like a human ‘doing’ not a human being?

Constantly on the go but not sure where to?

Busy keeping all those plates ‘spinning’?

There seems to be no time for you?

Lost your zest for Life?

A wild soul is sat in the heart of your life… it’s time you asked it to dance.

Like you, I’m caught up in our busy world and the buzz of Facebook, Twitter and iPhones, but I also know the power of camp fires under the stars, dolphins and waves, and shared silence in the wilderness.

Life is too precious to waste!

This year let me show you a way forward to stretch your horizons.  There’s a world to explore and journeys to take – outer and inner.  Rediscover your wild soul alongside someone who knows what it is to track bears, howl with wolves, and look into the eye of a whale.  In the stillness of nature I can help you to listen to your inner voice and to see your bright soul.  It’s time for you to remake that thrilling spiritual connection with Nature – instinctive to us when we were kids – and feel alive again!

Take the chance to step out of your ‘civilised’ life, and reconnect with yourself in the great ‘out there’. When you have space to breathe surrounded by so much that is wild you begin to understand what it is to be truly human.

So don’t let the last time you had an adventure be the last time.  Now is the time to liberate your true greatness.  Re-juice your heart and mind, health and soul, and let me show you how to belong to our one wild World and reconnect with your wild soul.

Life is too precious to waste – come and get started on a short taster.